Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller
Hair Re-Activating Roller

Hair Re-Activating Roller

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Micro-needling is known to boost scalp health, induce stem cells in the folliclesand promote hair growth product absorption!

  • Not only does this device stimulate protein production for hair follicle rejuvenation, it also prevent future hair loss as you age. 

  • Hundreds of independent studies show amazing results!


  • Stimulates Hair Growth Effectively: Micro-needling is known to effectively reactivate the scalp's natural regeneration process.


  • 540 Grade A Needles: Uses Grade A Titanium 0.5 mm 540 needles that creates thousands of minuscule contact points to stimulate endothelial growth factor production for follicle and hair growth.

  • Safe and Painless: Suitable for home use. It provides ideal balance between safety, painless application and effective results. Frequent sanitization is required for safety use. 


  • Ergonomic Non Slip Design: For better grip and can promote steady hands when using.

  • Multi-purpose: The roller can also be used to tackle skin problems, including smoothening fine lines, brightening skin tone and coping with large pores. 

Improvements With:

  • Bald Spots
  • Receding Hairline
  • Breaking Edges
  • Thinning Hair
  • Hair Loss


  1. Clean roller before and after each use.
  2. Wash and dry hair.
  3. Apply pressure. Roll back and forth in desired area for 4 - 5 times. Switch direction.
  4. Use 1-2 times a week.

Do not use:

  • On open wounds.
  • On acne, irritated skin and skin with diseases (i.e. eczema, psoriasis)
  • On waxed skin within 1 week.
  • On pregnant.
  • On skin undergone radiation therapy recently. 


  • 1 x  Hair Re-Activating Roller
  • 1 Set(Hair Re-Activating Roller+30ML beard oil+wooden beard comb+60g beard cream)

    Customer questions & answers

    • Question: can the products help me for hair growth at the edges?
    • Answer: Yes it can! Our Re-Activating Roller helps revive dead, dormant and/or malnourished hair follicles. Lots of men think they can't grow beards, but the only reason their beard isn't coming in is because their hair follicles aren't getting the vitamins and nutrients to grow. Our product fixes that! However, our products doesn't magically help you grow new hair follicles. Unfortunately some men just don't have the hair follicles at all and in this case our product wouldn't help much.


    • Question: Do i have to be shaved to use the derma roller? I jusy have an empty space in my beard i want to gro"
    • Answer: No need to shave. Use it on your entire beard. After 2 weeks I am noticing a difference.


    • Question: When will I start seeing results?
    • Answer: This differs from person to person. Many people start seeing new small white hairs growing after 2-6 weeks. The important thing is that you don't expect to grow a full beard overnight - patience is key. It is important that you don't stop your journey when you see the first results - the vellus hairs have to become terminal


    • Question: I have a beard and it's a little on the patchy side, and my mustache is weak, could this make it thicker and fuller?
    • Answer(From customer- Jerry): If "Malnourished" or "dormant" follicles is your situation, I'd say give it a shot you sholuld get the results you want. I've only been using this roller for about two weeks now so it's too early to tell as far as results go but I'm feeling pretty good about it so far.


    • Question:  How long do i use the roller ?
    • Answer:  Hi, derma rolling takes about 2-5 minutes (spend at least 30 secs on each section of the face) so it's a super short process. 


    • Question: Some people say it’s helps them grow hair in spots it hasn’t grown. Others say this isn’t made for growth so which one is it? Anybody with updates?
    • Answer: It helped me grow hair in a spot that I never grew hair before
    • Question: is it made of titanium?
    • Answer: Yes it is!
    • Question: How many needles does it have?
    • Answer: It has 540.
    • Question: Is this a good product for all hair types (black men)?
    • Answer: Yes I’m using it and seeing results and I’m Caribbean American.

    TO customer :If you have any questions, you can contact us in time, our customer service team will answer your questions.