Coating wax for cars
Coating wax for cars
Coating wax for cars
Coating wax for cars
Coating wax for cars
Coating wax for cars
Coating wax for cars
Coating wax for cars

Coating wax for cars

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Wax your new car immediately, no need to wait too long, more convenient to use

✅ Easily removes stains and reduces light pollution! -A high quality automotive wax, perfect for quickly and easily removing stains before polishing ceramic coatings! Give your car a new look.

✅ A super soft and super thin material! - Improved crystal formula, smoother. Using high quality pure Brazilian carnauba wax, the best material for crystal plating, polysilazane, provides more durable protection and better scratch resistance.

✅ An ultra wide range of use! -The luxurious blend of carnauba wax and polymer can provide strong and long lasting protection. It maintains your smoothness with a bright reflective sheen, which is safe and effective in all types of glossy coatings.

✅ An ultra wide range of use! -It is suitable for the maintenance of paint, glass, plastic parts, decorative parts, leather and tires of any car color. This is a universal automotive beauty wax.

✅ Main duties ! -Oxygen-free and polished. It effectively fills in fine scratches and forms a protective layer of clear crystals. The UV resistant formula effectively prevents paint aging.


    1. Avoid the sun when waxing, choose a cool place to prevent the wax from drying too quickly
    2. The hardening of automotive waxes is prolonged when the humidity in the air increases
    3. The stages of hair removal: Roof, Hood, Sides, Chest
    4. The thickness of the wax: only a very thin layer
    5. Auxiliary products: waxing sponge and soft polishing towel
    6. The degree of oxidation of external surfaces (e.g. painted surfaces) affects the effect after sealing, and solid products are not suitable for excessively oxidized surfaces
    7. Do not burn (and do not approach fire), keep out of reach of children, do not touch the mouth and eyes; in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.
    8. Freezing, sun exposure, 0-40 ° C in a cool and ventilated place, and transportation are strictly prohibited.
    9. Do not refrigerate or expose to sunlight, store at 0-40 degrees Celsius.


    Content 150 mL
    • Silicon nitrogen, carnauba wax
    Status Solid
    Valid period 3 years
    Product size
    • 8CM × 8CM × 3CM
    Package contents
    • Coating wax for cars × 1